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AcuGraph 5 Plan Renewal

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AcuGraph 5 Plan Renewal

Choose the Plan that's Right for You!

Your AcuGraph service and support plan provides ongoing upgrades, training, tech support, cloud services, data security and more. It also ensures you’ll receive the top-notch service and continual innovation you’ve come to expect from AcuGraph.

AcuGraph 5 requires an ongoing service and support plan to continue functioning. As an AcuGraph user, you can choose from three plans each year, to get exactly the service level you need.

Your plan will automatically renew each year at the level of your last renewal, unless you choose a different plan. This guide will help you choose the plan that’s best for you.

Plan Summaries: (Scroll Down for Comparison)

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Basic: This no-frills plan is best for smaller practices and cost-conscious users. It covers one computer and up to 100 active patients, with unlimited archived patients. Tech support and training are minimal.

Professional: This mid-level plan is best for active practices and power users. It supports up to 3 computers and up to 500 active patients, with unlimited archived patients. It includes better tech support and our monthly live training webinars.

Enterprise: This full-service plan provides the best value for users who want to get the most out of their AcuGraph system. It allows up to 10 computers and unlimited patients. It includes top-tier tech support, live webinars, and our all-access training pass for free CE/PDA credits online. It also includes a continuous replacement warranty for all your AcuGraph hardware, so you’ll never have to pay if something breaks—which more than pays for your entire annual plan in a single replacement.



1 Year Service, Support & Upgrades

Access to AcuGraph Mastermind Group

Up to 100 Active Patients

Use on 1 Device

Online Tech Support

Does Not Include:
Live Training
Ongoing Warranty
CE/PDA Credits


1 Year Service, Support & Upgrades

Access to AcuGraph Mastermind Group

Up to 500 Active Patients

Use on up to 3 Devices

Monthly Live Webinar Training

Telephone Tech Support

Does Not Include:
Ongoing Warranty
CE/PDA Credits

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1 Year Service, Support & Upgrades

Access to AcuGraph Mastermind Group

Unlimited Active Patients

Use on up to 10 Devices

Monthly Live Webinar Training

Ongoing Hardware Warranty

All-access Training Pass
(Includes CE/PDA Credits)

Enhanced Tech Support

Why is the Enterprise Plan the Best Value?

Take a look at what it includes

Besides the basics listed in the chart above, like unlimited active patients, use on up to 10 devices, etc., the AcuGraph Enterprise Plan has several other additional perks that easily make this plan the best value for your money. Those additional perks are:

Got Questions? We’ve got Answers…

AcuGraph Service Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an annual plan required?

Yes—your ongoing AcuGraph service requires an active annual plan. It also means you’ll get the outstanding service, support, upgrades and ongoing innovation you've come to expect from AcuGraph.

Q: What if I don’t renew? Will I lose access to AcuGraph? What about my patient records?

If you choose not to renew, your AcuGraph data and patient records will become accessible in a read-only format. You will still be able to access the information, but will not be able to make changes, add information, or perform new exams.

Q: What are “Active” and “Archived” patients?

Active patients are visible in your patient list, and available for exams, notes, etc. Archived patients are inactive, and cannot be modified, examined, etc., until they are made Active again. Archiving is designed to unclutter your patient list by hiding those patients you only see rarely or never. Status can be switched from Active to Archived and back anytime.

Q: Can I change plans?

Sure! Each year at renewal, you can choose the plan you want, and you’re free to move up or down, according to your needs. If you move to a smaller plan and have too many patients for that plan, you’ll need to archive patients to get below the limit for the plan you’ve chosen.

Q: How does the ongoing hardware warranty work?

If you’ve had an active enterprise plan for at least the last 6 months and your hardware fails for any non-abuse reason, we’ll replace the failed hardware components at no charge. All you pay is shipping. This is quite a money saver! For example, an AcuGraph processor (black box) replacement unit costs $795—but it’s free with your Enterprise plan.

Q: Tell me about the All-access Training Pass…

When we teach live, multi-day training seminars and record them to video, you’ll get access to the online versions at no charge—including Continuing Education credits in most jurisdictions. (We currently offer 32 credit hours.) This is a real value, since our live training seminars often cost around $600.

Q: What counts as a “Device?”

Any computer or tablet running AcuGraph counts as one device. So if you run AcuGraph on a computer, a laptop and a tablet, that is a total of 3 devices. You may have AcuGraph hardware on any device that has the software. So, in the example above, you could have AcuGraph hardware on only a single device or purchase extra hardware and have an AcuGraph system connected to 2, or all 3 devices.

Q: Can I pay monthly, instead of annually?

We used to offer monthly plans, but they were more expensive and much less popular than the annual plans, so we discontinued them. We want you to get the best value for your money, and the annual plans deliver that value.

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