Which approach to acupuncture is best?

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How is it that we all learn TCM in school, and yet so many different styles of acupuncture exist?

TCM, Five Element, Meridian Therapy, hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture, scalp acupuncture…the list goes on. All have their benefits, and all are useful. With so many options beyond the basics, how do you know which is the best technique for YOU?

In this PDF Kimberly will show you:

How the principle of “Yin leads and Yang follows” simplifies your approach and supercharges your results

The reason you should never start with your patient’s symptoms

The difference between a “root” and a “branch” when it comes to designing a treatment plan. (Hint: this is key to radically improving your results.)

Why one of of the most experienced and accomplished acupuncturists never relies on TCM patterns

TCM is a wonderful foundation, but there’s so much more—that’s so much easier—to get the results you want.

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