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Introduction to AcuGraph Video

Curious if AcuGraph is right for you?

See how the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system will help your diagnosis, treatments, and patients with its suite of tools and reference material.

AcuGraph’s 2-minute exam and other advanced tools for acupuncture provide greater insight for practitioners and patients.

AcuGraph is an evolution in acupuncture, and will help you “see the chi” in your patients and and in your practice

AcuGraph Helps You…

Pinpoint specific issues

Choose the most effective treatments

Document progress

Demonstrate the power of acupuncture with objective proof

This Demo Video Covers…

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I am now able to make the correct diagnosis on the first visit resulting in significantly better outcomes while also shortening the length of time before my patient sees lasting results.

—Pam Jacobson, L.Ac.

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