AcuGraph User Resources

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Getting Started with AcuGraph 5

This section will outline how to install the software on your computer and how to setup the AcuGraph hardware.

This section has a growing number of instructional videos teaching how to use each part of the software.

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Login to your AcuGraph 5 account here to get access to your Extra Resources, including:

  • AcuGraph Mastermind Group
  • Practitioner Directory Listing
  • Webinar Training Portal
  • All Access Training Pass

Additional Resources

Make sure you’re getting the most out of AcuGraph with these “Quick Tips” from the blog.

We regularly publish new case studies based on AcuGraph. This link will take you to the AcuGraph Case Study section of our Blog where you can view these posts.

Get access to our archive of Webinar Training Sessions. Some sessions have a cost associated, others are free. All webinars are free for Professional or Enterprise AcuGraph 5 users. Click here to log in for free access.

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